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Private Blogs

The students of TIME don’t just limit their writing to this blog. Some students keep private blogs and others write for publications back in Minnesota and at St. Olaf. Links to these writings can be found here.

Lizzie Carlson’s Private Blog – lizziecarlson
Lauren Kalish’s Private Blog – Lauren’s Travels
Amy Lohman’s Blogs for the Minneapolis Star Tribune Student Travel Blog – World Class
Jessica Moes’ Articles for St. Olaf HerCampus Online Magazine – Oles Abroad
Katie Sieger’s Private Blog – The Katie Khronicles

Travel Writing Class

In addition to taking classes at each host university, the students of TIME take one class taught by the faculty adviser for the trip. Mark Allister’s course on travel writing encourages the students to look at their trip through different lenses and with more intense focus. Students are encouraged to add their finished pieces to the blog, and those pieces will be posted here, categorized by assignment.

Assignment One: Showing Vs. Telling
Create a narrative scene that describes the emotions you have had over one specific experience (or multiple related experiences) to convey a sense of place to your readers. This should be a short, focused piece.

John’s First Piece

Meg’s First Piece

Duncan’s First Piece

Assignment Two: Difficult Situations

Probe your own experience with dealing with something psychologically or culturally difficult. Give immediacy to your essay. This is a longer piece.

Meg’s Second Piece

Duncan’s Second Piece

Assignment Three: Cultural Divides
Discuss a cultural difference that you find hard to understand as an American.

Ben’s Third Piece


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