A Taste of Moroccan Mint Tea

These past few weeks have opened my eyes, and stomach, to the wonderful world of Moroccan cuisine. While couscous and dates will always hold a special place in my heart, nothing compares to the always delicious Moroccan mint tea.

A glass of mint tea courtesy of a café in Fes

Though I have been a die-hard coffee fan since early middle school (thanks Mom!) this hot beverage is rivaling for first place in my mind. Drinking it is akin to sipping on a glass of sweet spearmint gum.

The thought of never having it after leaving Morocco was almost too painful to bear, so my roommate Katie and I begged our host mom, Khadija, to give us a lesson.

So, here follows a step-by-step instruction of how to brew Moroccan mint tea. Prepare to taste for yourself and be amazed.

1. Boil water — I hope you knew this all ready, but I included it just in case.

2. In a teapot, combine a handful of loose green tea, a quart sized bucket of mint leaves, and six HEAPING tablespoons of sugar (it should look like your teapot got caught in a large snowstorm)

Our family teapot loaded with mint leaves and ready to brew

3. Pour boiled water into your fancy silver teapot and heat again.

Before long your teapot will be steaming, signaling that you are moments away from enjoying a delicious glass of tea. And if you’re lucky, you might even get some cookies thrown in as well!


Our family ready for tea. From the left to right: Katie Sieger, Taha (host brother), Me, and Khadija (host mother)


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One Response to A Taste of Moroccan Mint Tea

  1. I’ve been reading a couple of articles regarding moroccan mint tea. This finds me pretty nice to try. I would really love to try this one so soon! Thanks for sharing!


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