Moroccan Excursion Schedule

Today, we leave for a nine-day excursion to explore Morocco beyond Fes. To keep track of what we’re up to, here’s a brief outline of what we’ll be doing:

Oct 29th: Travel through the middle Atlas Mountains to Erfoud, an oasis town at the edge of the Sahara desert.

Oct 30th: Travel by Land Rover into the Sahara and continue on camels to the tents where we’ll spend the evening.

Oct 31st: Travel to Ouarzazate, where we will visit gardens, thousand-year old kasbahs, and the Atlas Movie studio for a tour.

November 1st – November 3rd: Explore Marrakech, a historic trading post boasting numerous palaces and a bustling medina.

November 4th – November 6th: Continue to Essaouira for a few days of exploring the natural beauty of the Atlantic Coast and relaxing by the pool.

November 7th: Depart from Casablanca in the afternoon and arrive in Cairo around 8:00 PM local time.


About stotime

14 young adults, two fearless leaders, a multitude of language barriers and a world worth exploring.
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