Happy 21st Birthday, Alex!

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating the life and birth of our beloved TIME-companion Alexandra Harris, who was born 21 years ago on October 4th. Because the day of the 4th marked our first full day in our new host families (survival of which warranted it’s own celebration), we pushed Alex’s birthday celebration to Sunday when our group took a mini-excursion to Meknes and Volubilis. On the 4th, Alex’s host mother was very excited to provide her a cake and help her celebrate Moroccan style (and we’ve heard the cake was good).

We spent Sunday touring old Roman ruins (with some of the most well-preserved mosaic floors we’d ever seen) and wandered through the largest government building in North Africa (an old grainery in Meknes where they’ve got the natural air conditioning system down). We visited silver shops and saw a beautiful golf course (a green oasis in a sea of brown adobe walls). Our excursion ended at a real Moroccan luxury: McDonalds and McFlurries for all in honor of our dear Alex!

ImageWe talked about her birth (an early morning one after a long day of furniture shopping – props to Momma Harris on that one), and then she talked about some of her favorite birthday memories, including a trip to Florida and DisneyWorld for her golden birthday. She remembers specifically the beautiful teddy bear her aunt and uncle gave her that year. And while that birthday may have been especially memorable, I’m sure she’d agree that this one has been one she’ll never forget!

Also, Christina wants everyone to know today is her half-birthday. So, cheers. 


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