For Wolfgang, A Love Story

Drinking tea in outdoor cafes has been my favorite new Turkish habit, but I never anticipated that the experience of drinking tea would lead to a real life love affair. One minute I’m drinking tea relaxed in my introspection, and the next I am startled out of my thoughts by the most beautiful sight: Wolfgang. He was a bit forward, sitting down beside me without an invitation, but one look into his dark brown eyes and all was forgiven. I was immediately fond of his silliness, he would stick his tongue out with a smile. Then I was overcome by his sweetness as he looked me right in the eyes and shook my hand. I knew in my heart I was falling in love with this beautiful creature right there in the cafe, but I didn’t care who saw, we were sharing an indescribable connection.

Unfortunately the romance was short lived, we only had one date.  One sunny afternoon he strolled down the hill from the Superdorm by my side. It was a lovely afternoon, he patiently waited when I went into the many shops along the street, he sat with me when I ate my favorite caramel ice cream, and we concluded the afternoon with a walk along the Bosphorus, the wind gently whipping his thick mane. We were about to get a taxi that was to take us back up the hill when he ran down the street to greet some friends. When I turned my head to look for him, they disappeared behind a building. I had no choice but to get in the cab I had just haled without him.

That was the last time I saw my dear Wolfgang, and I sincerely regret not waiting, and taking the taxi with him. I am sad that our relationship was never able to develop and grow stronger. We had an instant connect and I think we really could of had something. That last afternoon by the water I had even told him I wanted him to come back to America with me. But alas the past is the past, all I have are the memories and a few pictures of me and Wolfgang together. See for yourself how much we loved each other.



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14 young adults, two fearless leaders, a multitude of language barriers and a world worth exploring.
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