Yacht Day

Yesterday we had a long and fun-filled day of sitting on a boat in the sun, reading for fun and swimming in the Aegean Sea. What a hard life!  It was a nice and much needed break from all of the long bus days and walking all over the amazing ancient ruins. We left yesterday morning at 8:45 without any expectations of what our day would bring; we just really hoped that we could swim. When we asked our tour guide, Aida, She gave us a big smile and said “well this boat was made in about 10th century BC”.  Luckily that wasn’t true. So with our swimsuits on and towels in tow, we got onto the most amazing boat ever. We were told yacht, but not awesome pirate ship-esque yacht. We quickly discovered that the top deck was covered in giant comfy pillows, and some of us never left that spot again. So as we disembarked Ben reminded everyone of the importance of sunscreen, others pulled out books and together we started our day of relaxation.

After a while, the ship pulled into a cove and we were allowed to go swimming. A lot of us decided to walk the plank and jumped into the ocean. Here’s Katie looking oh so excited!


And here is Matt, I’m not so sure about his form, perhaps he’s going for the mermaid dive?


And even Mark decided to give it a shot. (Look at this proof!)

The water was refreshing and extra salty. Not to mention a ton of fun, just look a Jess’ face!

Overall, I think that I can safely say that all of us had a GREAT day! Hopefully with a ton more to come!!



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14 young adults, two fearless leaders, a multitude of language barriers and a world worth exploring.
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3 Responses to Yacht Day

  1. martin puskala says:

    I far cry from the sailboats we took out on lake superior. the water just a bit warmer.

  2. Emily Macon says:

    Katrina I am quite jealous of you! grr. I wish I was in some place warm enough to swim outside

  3. Vyla says:

    Trina: Wish I were there!!! Of course, sitting at my desk at work is fun too! Ha ha… Enjoy every moment you can, next thing you know ~ you might be sitting at a desk too! MOM

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