Duncan Turns 21!

Look at this cute kid!

Today, September 11th, TIME’s own Duncan Cleveland celebrated his 21st birthday! While we had lectures this morning (a typical TIME event… we do study here!) and we have a large test tomorrow, we were all so excited to celebrate the birth and existence of our friend.

The social committee was extra meticulous in putting together an especially fun day. We spent the afternoon at an informal birthday party, complete with a yummy over-the-top cake from our favorite extravagant grocery store, The Gourmet Garage, and of course sang happy birthday at an obnoxious volume.

While we ate, Duncan shared the story of his birth and memories of his favorite birthdays past (especially memorable was the year he received a Nintendo Gameboy – good job, Mom and Dad!), and we all laughed at the adorable baby photo Duncan’s mother posted on her Facebook in honor of his birthday.

The celebrations will continue tonight when we take Duncan to Citrus, one of our favorite restaurants in the area, to officially celebrate his birthday Istanbul-style. The restaurant has lovely rooftop views of the Bosphorus and the lights of the amazing city that we have all come to love.



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