“Stop Searching Angel, I’m Here”

Minnesota claims to have established the first indoor mall, but after stepping into the historic Grand Bazaar it is clear that it is a blatant lie. You will not find an Abercrombie or Ralph Lauren among the 3,000+ shops in the covered Bazaar, but instead rows upon countless rows of vendors selling patterned carpets, sparkling jewelry, traditional turkish tea sets, and scarfs of every color. Vendors call out as we walk by, anything to get us to stop and look at their wares. We heard cries of “Buy now!” “Come close and have a look!” and my personal favorite, “Stop searching angel, I’m here!”

The Bazaar has been a center of trade and commerce far longer then America has even been a country and is a prime example of a mall in its earliest form. The atmosphere at the Grand Bazaar is at the same time both intoxicating and totally overwhelming. I could conceivably spend days in the Bazaar and still not see everything. On the day we visited we were not the only people intrigued by this ancient shopping tradition. The tiny streets were clogged with people, some simply browsing, others haggling for lower prices, while still others were enjoying a cup of tea and a smoke. As we turned another corner onto another never-ending street I started to believe the vendor, who in hopes of getting us to come back to his shop shouted after us, “Turn around, you wont find it.”



About stotime

14 young adults, two fearless leaders, a multitude of language barriers and a world worth exploring.
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