Never Lick a Foreign cat…Adventures with Animals

While we have certainly enjoyed touring the historic sites and monuments of the city of Istanbul, one thing that has stood out to our group is the surprising number of wildlife interactions we have experienced.

From the first moment we got off the bus at Bogacizi University we were greeted by a team of stray dogs that frequents the super-dorm as much as its students. Though we were warned to stay away from the creatures we may come across abroad, the persistence and overall cuteness of the dogs has won over the hearts of many in our group.

We soon discovered that our dorm dogs weren’t the only curious and friendly animals in the city of Istanbul. Cats and dogs meander around the streets and paths as often as the St. Olaf campus squirrels. Just this morning we saw a pack of dogs disembowel a raw chicken, this scene was almost as awe-inspiring as the Hagia Sofia. Just kidding, but it was still entertaining.

Where do these animals come from? We are not sure, but our theories hypothesize that they grow from the ground, like the abundant greenery around Bogazici campus.

Amy and Meg


About stotime

14 young adults, two fearless leaders, a multitude of language barriers and a world worth exploring.
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